A Walk In The Seaside Town Of St Andrews

St Andrews trip

It was a beautiful crisp, January day as we opted for a wee walk in the seaside town of St Andrews, taking in a tiny portion of the Fife coastal path. 

Famous as the Home of Golf, this historic town is also where Prince William met his future wife Kate.

The rest, they say, is history. You’d be hard pushed to find a more romantic setting, miles of golden sand and crashing waves.

In fact, it also made for the perfect backdrop in a now iconic scene in “Chariots Of Fire”.  

Aside from the sea air, the town is a shoppers’ delight. Bustling independent stores offer a refreshing eclectic range of goods, while art galleries groan with colourful offerings and bookshops abound.

In fact, we could have spent all day in Topping & Company which was crammed from floor to ceiling with books of all description.

Breathe in the atmosphere

Off from the main streets you’ll find cobbled lanes and quiet courtyards. The perfect settings to slow down and just breathe in the atmosphere.

You can feel the history with towering ruins testament to a bygone era.  

Picture by Yvonne McKenzie.

Among the magnificent ruins is the mediaeval St Andrews Cathedral built in the 1150s.

The boundary walls of which have arrow slits which reveal a glimpse of the graveyard nestled within.

The remains of Saint Andrew are buried here, and it’s also the final resting place of Old Tom Morris and his son.

St Andrews Trip

Picture by Yvonne McKenzie.

Alongside the magnificent Cathedral ruins you’ll find the foundation stones of St Mary’s Church. Experts only uncovered these in 1860.

And close by you’ll find St Andrews Castle sprawling atop the rocky headland overlooking the North Sea.

This was the residence of the Bishops of Scotland and was a fortress and prison.

St Andrews Trip

Picture by Yvonne McKenzie.

So if you fancy a trip which has a bit of everything, I’d thoroughly recommend a walk in the seaside town of St Andrews.

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