12 Adorable Pet Photos For National Pet Month

Gecko close up smiling at camera

To celebrate National Pet Month through April, the CEWE Photo Award have released 12 adorable pet photos.

Photographers across the globe submitted the 12 snaps in last year’s competition. The theme was “Our World is Beautiful”, with 10 categories for photographers to enter.

A CEWE UK photo expert said, “We’re certainly a nation of pet lovers and may find we even take more photos of our pets than anything else – so it felt only right to share some of our favourite pet snaps from the competition to celebrate National Pet Month.

“Animal centred photos are always ideal to put a smile on your face. From cute puppies and cats to horses and chickens on a farm – these images really tick all boxes!”

The CEWE Photo Award 2023 competition is opening soon to anyone over the age of 18. So, if you’re a keen amateur photographer or established professional, you can get involved. Plus, there are thousands of pounds of prizes to be won!

Pet Photos to Make You Smile

  • Yin and Yang. Two cats get warm and cosy for an afternoon nap. Captured by Lucia Blaskova taken in Slovakia, Banská Bystrica. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • Up close and personal. A Gecko is all smiles once it sees the camera. Photographed by Marc Vaillant, taken in Denmark, Gentofte. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • Just keep swimming. A clownfish swims along in their tank. Photographed by Thomas Kuhn taken in Germany, Darmstadt. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • Morning wake-up call. A bird prepares to seize the day as the sun begins to rise. Photographed by Dariusz Kowaleski taken in Poland, Opol. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • Love is in the air. Two horses show their affection for one another. Photographed by Todor Tilev, taken in Ireland, Glasson Village. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • Catching some rays. A dog soaks up the sun and makes the most of the golden hour glow. Photographed by Annika Kundt, taken in Germany, Dormagen. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • Cat at the table. A curious cat peers over the table to investigate what their owner is up to. Photographed by Gundala Vogel taken in Germany, Überall. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • Friendship. Two dogs huddle together whilst on a walk through the forest. Photographed by Rene Brunda taken in Czechia, Ostrava. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • Man’s best friend. A young boy spends some quality time with his four-legged friend. Photographed by Thomas Pederson, taken in Denmark, Greve Strand. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • Hello down there. A chicken keeps a watchful eye over its nest. Captured by Danielle Van Berkel, taken in Netherlands, Den Bosch. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • A winter wonderland. Two dogs embark on a adventure together in the snow. Captured by Audun Nygaard, taken in Norway, bergen. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.
  • Falling leaves. A dalmatian is mesmerised by the golden leaves falling around them on a walk. Captured by Lena Probst taken in Germany, Bellenberg. Provided by The CEWE Photo Award.

Jacqueline Munro

Jacqueline is the Digital Content Editor at "The People's Friend", looking after our website, social media channels and podcast.