Top Five Easy Craft Projects From “The People’s Friend”

Woman's hands sewing pink fabric with scattered yellow fabric and pins

We try to share as many craft projects as we can here on “The People’s Friend” website.

Just like the readers of our magazine, we know that our online audience members love to keep themselves busy creating wonderful decorations, keepsakes and clothes.

That’s why we’ve gone back through past posts to find some of our favourite crafty diversions you can tackle this summer.

Take a look below and see if any of these spark your creativity.

Easy jam jar craft ideas

hot chocolate gift jar

Photograph courtesy of Duerr’s.

We happen to think the best craft ideas involve recycling those household items you would otherwise use and throw away. That way your new project isn’t only keeping you busy and sharpening your skills, it’s also benefitting the environment!

If you’ve always wondered what to do with your old jam jars, “The People’s Friend” has some quick and easy ideas.

Click here to read our full article, which includes instructions and inspiration!

A homemade pouffe


Photograph by Shirley Blair.

We all like to put our feet up. It’s the best way to read the latest issue of “The People’s Friend”!

Former Fiction Ed Shirley decided to take her love of reclining to the next level — by making her own pouffe, using old cushion inserts and blankets.

This project is quick and easy, and even helps you clear out that old airing cupboard! Click here to get started.

Make your own facemasks

face masks

Photographs by Kirsty Souter.

Production team’s Kirsty shared this topical idea early in the first lockdown. It looks like facemasks will be with us for the foreseeable future — so why not reduce a little of the waste they cause by making your own?

This project is a little more involved than those above, but you can guarantee you’ll use the final product more than enough times to justify the effort!

Take a look at Kirsty’s clear step-by-step instructions here.



Photograph by Lisa Crow.

All you need for this project is a pen, a pattern, and a steady hand!

Zentangle is an artform designed to bring on a sense of relaxation and peace through drawing intricate patterns.

Features team’s Lisa swears by it! Some of the patterns you can create are truly mesmerising.

Click here to get started, and to see a zen-inducing tutorial video.

From jars to lamps

Upcycle Your Old Mason Jars

Photograph courtesy of Jeyes Fluid.

If your cupboards are running over with glasswear slightly bigger than a jam jar, then fear not! We have craft ideas for those, too.

The folks at Jeyes Fluid offered us some simple instructions for creating stunning terrarium lamps that would make lovely gifts for family and friends.

Click here to shed some light on this project.

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