How Housework Is Good For Your Health

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Much as I hate to admit it, housework is good for your health.  

I’m not just talking calorie-burning here – though you can use up anything between 100-300 calories an hour. It depends on the jobs tackled, oh, and how much vim and vigour you put into it. Housework is the ultimate way to de-stress. And you have the added benefit of a clean house to enjoy at the end of it.

These days we have many labour-saving devices. Take the washing machine, for instance. I was reminded of this very fact at the weekend when I popped along to the local theatre to see a marvellous performance of Tony Roper’s “The Steamie”. It focussed on four women’s routine trip to the communal wash house to toil over pram-loads of laundry. They shared much laughter and tears as they worked. It was a window into tough times of the past, which also proved a therapy of a sort.

Housework Is Good For Your Health

The benefits of housework today is shown in a study by BMJ Open. It claims that a mix of housework may help memory and the attention span of older people, too. And our health writer, Jackie Mitchell, explored the subject in more depth with James Brady, trainer at OriGym Centre of Excellence.  

He says, “Exercising for 10 to 30 minutes elevates your heart rate, making it beat faster. Chores such as scrubbing the bathroom are great for working the arms as it takes a lot of ‘elbow grease’.” While Miriam Akhtar, positive psychology expert, says, “Engaging the brain in a repetitive activity such as vacuuming has a calming effect, which is helpful when dealing with difficult situations.” 

You’ll never view housework in the same way again!

Personally, I’m glad the days of wheeling your laundry to the wash room in a pram are long gone. However, I was delighted to catch this wonderful play. It’s celebrating its 35-year anniversary from when it first premiered in Glasgow back in 1987, and is still as popular today.

The People's Friend issue August 17th cover

You can find Jackie Mitchell’s full article in “The People’s Friend” August 20 issue. You’ll never view housework in the same way again! 

“The Steamie” can be seen at Dundee Rep until September 10.

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