4 Tips For Hearing Device Care On Holiday

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Millions of Britons are set to enjoy a summer break in August and we have 4 tips for hearing device care on holiday.

Here, Bev Carter RHAD, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hearing Direct, shares tips on the best hearing device care.

1. Airport Security

“I’ve heard of cases when people have gone through the body scanners at airports while wearing hearing aids and it has caused the devices to reprogramme or to temporarily lose some of their settings. As a precaution, pop your hearing aids in the tray along with any other electronic gadgets. This should also prevent the metal in your hearing aids from triggering any alarms in the scanner.

“I would also advise packing a small goody bag of spare parts for your hearing aids. Keep this in your hand luggage so that you have it readily available. This could include a hard case for your hearing aids so that they don’t get damaged in transport. Along with accessories such as a spare charger, wax guards, domes and batteries. Just make sure you check the security regulations with your airline. Some accessories may need to be packed in your hold luggage.”

2. Avoid Extreme Heat

“Extreme temperatures can affect both your hearing aids and the hearing aid batteries. So, it’s important to avoid exposing them to high temperatures wherever possible. When you’re not wearing your hearing aids, keep them out of direct sunlight and heat.

“If you’re planning a day at the beach, consider leaving your hearing aids at your hotel or holiday home, safely in their case. If you are wearing them, try to avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures by keeping yourself in a cool, shaded spot.

“It’s also worth remembering that we tend to produce more earwax than usual when we’re in extreme heat. This may mean you may need to clean your hearing aid a little more frequently in the summer. You should apply similar precautions on hot days at home as you would when on holiday.”

3. Watch Out For Water

“Generally speaking, most hearing aids are water resistant, so they can handle being caught in a brief rain shower. Do remember, though, they are not typically waterproof. If you are planning on going in a swimming pool or in the sea, you should remove your hearing aids. Store in a safe place, out of direct sunlight.

“Humidity and sweat can introduce water droplets to your device, clogging up interior components. Portable dry boxes that contain a mini dehumidifier can be easily packed into your luggage. This guards against any issues caused by excess moisture.”

4. Guard Against Ear Infections

“Swimming in dirty pools, rivers or open water can pose an infection risk. And, it’s not always easy to tell whether the water is contaminated. So, avoid putting your head under water and wear earplugs when swimming anywhere – whether in the UK or overseas. This will help keep risk to a minimum. And don’t forget to remove your hearing aids before swimming to avoid any water damage to them.

“Aside from the dehumidifier function, hearing aid dry boxes contain a UV-C light that reduces the accumulation of germs. So this, therefore, minimises the risk of ear infections too.

“Finally, avoid putting sun creams, lotions and oils close to your hearing aids, as this can clog the components.”

While we all want to make the most of summer days while they last, you need to look after yourself, too. Get our advice with more summer safety tips.

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