Crochet A Waistcoat Preview: October 8, 2022

Model wearing multicoloured crochet waistcoat over white blouse next to flowers

We have a versatile crochet waistcoat for you this week.

How To Crochet A Waistcoat

Close up of multicoloured crochet waistcoat over white blouse

Photography by Eve Conroy.

We are all going to be layering up this year as the colder weather hits which makes this waistcoat a real winner.

Worked in puff stitch and trebles, it is a great way to showcase the yarn, Rico Creative Melange Chunky, a popular yarn that comes in a wool-acrylic blend.

The colour mixes move smoothly from one colour to the next, producing both soft fades and strong stripes. No two garments will be quite the same.

We have chosen the shade Mauve-Ivy, a glorious mix of pale and dark pinks, blues and purples.

However, there is a big range of shades to choose from if you would prefer something else. You can view them and order direct by visiting

The waistcoat comes in five sizes ranging from 76/81 cm (30/32 ins) to 117/122 cm (46/48 ins) with actual size being around 15/10 cm (6/4 ins) bigger. This gives you plenty of room to fit it over a layer or two.

The ties at the waist add the final, finishing touch.

Crochet lovers are always looking for a new challenge, and we hope this waistcoat will fit the bill.

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