Writing Prompt Story Starter: “A Quarter Of!”

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This week’s story starter should put a smile on your face! We’re giving you an opportunity to think and create in a nostalgic way, by visiting our sweet shop.

Your story could be set in the past from a junior viewpoint. What a treat it was to be able to go to the shop for a bag of sweets! What would you choose? Is there a better childhood memory than sweets being weighed out and put into a little paper bag? You can use all your senses while writing about a sweet shop . . . the tinkling bell as you enter, the voices of the people in the shop, the sweet smell of the goodies within, the feel of the pennies in your hand . . .

Perhaps the shopkeeper had a story to tell? Your main character could be the man or woman behind the counter.

Past and Present

Of course, during the war years, sweets were things that children could only dream about. Perhaps your story is set during, or just after WW2, when rationing was still a reality.

Modern day sweet shops tend to operate on a retro basis. Reminding people of their childhoods and they still stock lots of favourites. Cola Cubes, Everton Mints, Rhubarb and Custard, Chocolate Limes to name but a few!

Whether your story and characters are set back in time or perhaps bang up to date, the delight of the jars of sweets towering in the background and the wonderful array of colours are still relevant. Your main character could be starting over by opening an old-fashioned sweetie shop? How does he/she get to know the locals? Can they guess what they’ll order when they come into the shop? Perhaps they give them knick-names based on what they buy?

You can’t go wrong with a bit of sugar and nostalgia!

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Tracey Steel

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