Writing Prompt Story Starter: Fairground Attraction

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For this week’s story starter we have a location that conjures up all sorts of story genres!


Fairgrounds . . . the places of fun, fear and history.


Awaken Your Senses

Place yourself in a fairground setting. Think of the sounds, the music, the whirring of machines, the noise of the people. Then imagine the aromas. Food, diesel, candy floss! What about the sights? Flashing lights, lots of people, colours zooming past. Overall, it’s a powerful combination and can really draw the reader in when you describe the scene in your story.


Romantic or Dangerous?

Fairground stories can be set in a number of time periods. They can also fit into just about any genre. Romance? Of course. Fairgrounds are the perfect setting for a date or for someone to bump into a potential suitor. There’s the forbidden love element too. Let’s not forget that fairgrounds move around.

What a perfect setting for a cosy crime or spooky story too! The Ghost Train, the Palm Reader or the Hall Of Mirrors could add a sense of menace and mystery to any story set here!


Contemporary or Period?

Either one lends itself to a fairground story. Think of the excitement in a small town of yesteryear when the carnival would be coming to town. It spoke of excitement, mystery and usually warm summer nights. Or you could be right up to date with a modern story. All ages love a trip to the fair.


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Tracey Steel

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