Writing Prompt Story Starter: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

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It’s a shoe-related story starter, this week.

There’s a story behind this!

High Heels, Or Sensible Option

I recently had to make the decision between wearing shoes which might be termed ‘age-appropriate’ – ie sensible – or a pair of high heels.

After reversing a no-heels policy on the spur-of-the-moment, I was glad one of my sons was on hand to cling to, as I teetered along!

So – let’s see if heels can start a story for you, this week.

In Someone Else’s Shoes

Little girls, wearing their mum’s high heels around the house.

Practising dancing by putting your feet on top of your mum or dad’s feet – remember that?

Heels we’ve known and loved – kitten, stiletto, platform, wedges.

Footwear throughout the ages – Puritan times, and black shoes with buckles (these arrived around 1660). Lace-up Victorian boots.

Ballet Shoes

Sore feet. Walking home with shoes off. Taking your shoes off the minute you’re in the door.

Not being able to walk in heels.

A partner whose height may put you off wearing heels?

Dance shoes. Cuban heels. Ballet shoes. Tap and ballroom.

The ‘Right’ Trainers?

Trainers. Celebrity trainer designers. Pressure on families to provide the ‘right’ trainers.

Growing out of shoes too quickly.

Or – what about a story set somewhere else in the world, somehow related to heels or footwear?

Dutch clogs. Moccasins. Japanese geta. and lovely ‘jutti’.

Other ‘Heels’

A ‘heel’ – someone in days gone by who could be described as a wrong ‘un, a cad or a bounder.

Showing a clean pair of heels – making a run for it!

‘Heelys’ – shoes for little ones with rollers inside, so they can scoot along.

Roller-boots and roller-discos.

Roller skates. I always fancied a pair of them, but given recent events involving balance and heels, maybe it’s just as well they passed me by!


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