Do You Have A First Aid Box?

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Do you have a first aid box? Now is the time to check the contents to ensure you can deal with any minor emergencies this festive season. 

While we all look forward to the Christmas holidays, that also includes those who work in GP surgeries and pharmacies. Which, of course, means their doors will be closed over the festive season. So, it’s wise to think ahead and ensure you have enough prescribed medication – such as inhalers – to last you the duration of the holiday. 

Alongside ensuring you have all necessary medication. You should also check your first aid kit is well stocked with plasters in various sizes, a selection of bandages, pain-relief tablets, indigestion medication, antiseptic wipes, eye wash, tweezers, scissors and perhaps medicine to soothe any irritating coughs.  

Learn First Aid

Our health writer, Jackie Mitchell, chats to Dr Lynn Thomas, medical director from St John Ambulance. She brings great advice for staying well this Christmas. And when she talks about using frozen peas and cling film, she’s not giving recipe advice! You can read the full interview in our bumper Dec 17 issue of “The People’s Friend”. 

Dr Thomas also encourages everyone to learn first aid. The health charity is particularly urging people to refresh their skills by following advice on their website in how to treat minor injuries such as burns, cuts and sprains. It also shows how to give life-saving first aid in the case of choking or if someone becomes unconsciousness. 

Being able to help someone in a health emergency is the greatest gift of all. 

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