Features Sneak Peek: February 4, 2023 Issue

SYSTEM © Illustration of Wrexham.

Simon Whaley visits remarkable Wrexham and discovers a rather star-studded story, in the February 4, 2023 issue of “The People’s Friend”.

Lying south of Chester, Wrexham can claim many charms. Join Simon as he marvels at the Doom Painting, in St Giles Church. Its cathedral-like interior houses some amazing sights, and the almost-500-year-old painting is no exception.

Later in our visit we’ll take in Wrexham AFC. Hollywood A-listers Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney recently purchased the football club, the oldest in Wales, and the third oldest in the world.

Aside from stars of the silver screen, Wrexham has links to others celebrities, as Simon reveals in the magazine.

Glesga’ Roasters

James and Jeff of the Glesga' Roasters.

Photograph by Ken Thomson.

Walking through the beautiful Rwandan countryside, Rev. James Faddes was struck by the red, yellow and orange cherries on the trees around him.

He still remembers being stunned when he was told they were coffee plants, as it was an image far removed from his favourite morning cuppa.

James got the seed of an idea, and it’s now blossomed into a booming social enterprise that’s transforming lives at home and abroad.

Glesga’ Roasters, based at James’s church on the outskirts of Glasgow, produces Fairtrade artisan coffee, supporting Rwandan farmers while providing barista training for locals to help with rehabilitation.

Bill Gibb finds out more.

Out For A Duck

A duck.

Photograph by Polly Pullar.

The mallard is the UK’s most widespread and common duck. Being ubiquitous often means it is overlooked. Therefore, their extraordinary beauty is seldom really appreciated. Mallard are without doubt truly gorgeous birds.

Though you might think that the ducks you feed in the park or on the river are the same ones, many that you see in winter are not resident here and have travelled thousands of miles from colder parts of Europe and Scandinavia.

Polly Pullar marvels at the different types of waterfowl spotted in the UK during winter.

What A Calamity!

Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.

Photograph by Shutterstock.

If ever a sitcom character became an icon, it was Frank Spencer. With his trademark raincoat and beret, and catchphrases including “Ooh, Betty, I’ve had a bit of trouble”, Frank was an impressionist’s dream.

Everyone mimicked Frank and everyone tuned in to marvel at his weekly stunts in “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em”. He crashed through a neighbour’s ceiling and hung off the back of a bus on roller-skates.

In the magazine, Douglas McPherson celebrates 50 years of popular TV sitcom “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em”.

Elsewhere, we have a collection of tasty chicken recipes, and a knitting pattern to make a popcorn pattern sweater.

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