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Destination San Marino

San Marino

Photograph by Solange Hando.

Solange Hando lingers between heaven and earth as she takes in the beauty of the oldest republic in the world, San Marino. With its namesake capital and Mount Titano both listed by UNESCO, she can’t wait to explore.

Join Solange as she takes in all kinds of sights from the basilica and ancient churches to art galleries and museums. Later, we’ll explore the lovely countryside sprinkled with isolated farms and red-roofed villages.

With the scents of jasmine and lavender in the air and narrow lanes draped in bougainvillaea and hydrangea, you’re not going to want to go back home.

Great Inventions

Soda water.

Photograph by Shutterstock.

Great inventors rarely stop with just one idea. Some might achieve success with only one of their many designs. Others might achieve fame for an invention that wasn’t even the one they thought of as their best.

The vast majority design and build with the aim of improving life for humankind. However, some have lived to regret their inventions. For example, the creator of the single-use coffee pod now regrets their creation for the waste they cause. John Sylvan has since gone on to work in solar energy to offset his contribution to landfill.

Some of our most respected creative minds also came up with things that they are not commonly associated with. However, they have proved almost as useful as their more famous creations.

In Special 239, Features Ed Alex shines a light on the lesser-known successes of the world’s most celebrated inventors.

Roots In The Past

Noble Fir Walk.

Photograph by John Delaney.

The therapeutic benefits of immersing yourself in nature are now widely recognised, and Britain and Ireland have many outstanding forests to explore. In his book, “Great Trees Of Britain And Ireland“, Tony Hall takes a look at 60 must-see ancient trees, forests and hedges, some of which can be traced back centuries.

Just think of the history they’ve lived through, bearing silent witness to times of Jacobean uprisings or being the hunting grounds of royalty. In the magazine, we’ve selected just a handful that Tony has featured in his book, along with some tales of the fascinating history behind these giants of nature.

Travelling Bookbinder

Surroundings at home can spark ideas for a bookbinder.

Photograph by UliShade.

For Rachel Hazell, environment is an essential part of the creative process. The self-titled “Travelling Bookbinder” draws inspiration from a range of beautiful locations. She also teaches others how to tap into their creativity through exploring somewhere new – from famous, highly populated Parisian streets to quiet, barely inhabited islands off the Scottish coast.

Over the course of her career, she’s been an artist in residence on an Antarctic expedition ship, taught classes from a lighthouse on Shetland, and run retreats in locations from Venice to Stockholm.

Gillian Harvey meets Rachel to find out more.

Elsewhere in Special 239, we have a collection of spectacular sandwich recipes. Plus we have a knitting pattern to make a fun slipover.

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