Features Sneak Peek: March 18, 2023 Issue

SYSTEM © An illustration of West Cork.

Neil McAllister crosses the Irish sea to delight in the wonders of West Cork, in the March 18, 2023 issue of “The People’s Friend”.

Part of Ireland’s charm is its variety. From tranquil villages oozing old-world charm through sweeping landscapes to the coastline, every visit rewards with new delights. It is one of the few places where sticking a pin in the map blindfolded is almost guaranteed to lead to somewhere blessed with loveliness, as Neil discovers.

Join Neil as he visits such tourist attractions as the West Cork Model Railway Village and the Michael Collins Centre Museum. There is plenty to see and do here, as you’ll soon discover in the magazine.

Gary McKee

Gary McKee has raised millions for cancer charities.

Photograph courtesy of Carlos Reina/Platinum Live.

Running a marathon is a lifetime achievement for some, a gruelling impossibility for most. But Gary McKee can look back on having done not just one, but one for every single day of last year.

Along the way to those 365, he clocked up a mind-boggling 9,500 miles and wore his way through more than 20 pairs of trainers.

Also, more importantly, he has raised £1.3 million for charity. However, he says he’s far from finished. Bill Gibb chats to Gary to find out more.

Here Comes Spring

A roe kid.

Photograph by Polly Pullar.

Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be. It’s been a long winter, dominated by miserable news and general gloom and doom.

However, now the birds are beginning to add their sweet orchestrations to daybreak. This will refresh us with optimism. Rise early, even in the urban environment, and you will surely hear birdsong and see our songsters dressed in their best gleaming plumage as nesting consumes their every waking daylight hour.

The poet Christina Rossetti wrote, “There is no time like Spring, when life’s alive in everything.” As we go about our daily lives, it’s necessary to stop, even for a moment, to witness that fresh beginning burgeoning forth.

After a long, cold winter, the unfurling of spring holds new delights for Polly Pullar.

Cats With Careers

Lord Roscoe.

Photograph courtesy of the National Trust.

The National Trust’s Ham House is a grand 17th-century home that sits on the banks of the River Thames in Richmond.

The treasure trove is internationally famous for its collection of paintings, furniture and textiles, but there’s also an increasingly famous feline who prowls the property’s stunning formal gardens – rescue cat Lord Roscoe.

He was only known as Roscoe when he first arrived at Ham House, but the staff soon added “His Lordship” to fit his whiskers and reflect his attitude in his new surroundings.

Lord Roscoe came from a local cat rehoming centre, the Ginger Cat House Rescue.

A Record Revival

Vinyl is enjoying a revival at the moment.

Photograph by Shutterstock.

They hiss, crackle and pop. They warp, get scratched and attract dust like a magnet. Sometimes they skip bits of your favourite song, and at other times they get stuck in a groove and play the same line over and over again.

But who doesn’t love a vinyl record?

As the LP celebrates its 75th birthday, Douglas McPherson finds out how vinyl has put the music business in a spin.

Elsewhere, we have perfect pasta recipes, and a craft pattern to make an embroidered crochet bag.

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