Features Sneak Peek: April 1, 2023 Issue

SYSTEM © An illustration of Glenridding.

Simon Whaley explores glorious Glenridding on the shores of Ullswater, in the April 1, 2023 issue of “The People’s Friend”.

As we descend through swathes of bracken, Simon explains how Glenridding was given its name. “Ridding” means clearing, although in the old northern Cumbria dialect it also means ferns or bracken. That’s why Glenridding means the overgrown glen cleared of bracken.

From knowing great routes to go for walks in the area to regaling us with tales of the area’s links with William Wordsworth, Simon is a brilliant guide to this beautiful part of the world.

One-hundred-year-old Volunteer

Peter Davies works one-on-one with pupils for 15 minutes.

Photograph courtesy of Dean Valley Community Primary School.

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, Peter Davies pops down to his local primary school to lend a helping hand.

He spends the time reading to the youngsters, carefully noting their improvement week by week and loving seeing them gain confidence.

What makes Peter’s endeavour a little different from all those doing great voluntary work in schools is that Peter’s sessions at the Macclesfield primary have been recognised with a British Empire Medal.

Not to mention the fact that he’s one hundred years old! Bill Gibb speaks to Peter to find out more about how he’s inspiring schoolchildren to read.

Outstanding Oystercatchers

A trio of oystercatchers.

Photograph by Polly Pullar.

The tide is in, golden afternoon light paints the shore, and oystercatchers run in and out of boiling surf, guddling for lugworms with long bills.

Polly Pullar watches, not wishing to disturb them, relishing the chance to experience these immaculate waders in their element.

One dangles a small crab in its bill and swiftly devours it. Then, without warning, they rise, emitting shrill cries, and fly low over the water, through frothing tide, to settle further up the beach and start the process all over again.

The oystercatcher is probably the most easily recognisable of all the British waders.

In the April 1, 2023 issue of “The People’s Friend”, Polly admires these adaptable and attractive sea birds.

Hannah Hauxwell

Hannah Hauxwell.

Photograph by Shutterstock.

Imagine living alone in an isolated cottage without electricity and running water. Imagine, too, farming an 80-acre plot solo, rarely seeing another living soul.

While this seems like the description of a life from hundreds of years in the past, some readers might recognise the story of solo farmer Hannah Hauxwell, who featured in a documentary “Too Long A Winter” in 1973 when she was forty-six.

Gillian Harvey remembers farmer Hannah, who was taken to the nation’s hearts after appearing in the ITV documentary 50 years ago.

Moy Mackay

An artwork created by Moy Mackay.

Photograph courtesy of Moy Mackay.

Moy Mackay doesn’t paint with oils or watercolours. Her stunning works of art are “painted” with wool!

Inside the magazine, Janey Swanson learns how Moy creates wonderful artwork using an unconventional material.

Elsewhere, we have a collection of tasty recipes for home baking, and a knitting pattern to make a lacy cardigan.

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