Features Sneak Peek: April 8, 2023

SYSTEM © An illustration of Cullen.

Willie Shand takes the sea air on a wander through cheerful Cullen, in the April 8, 2023 issue of “The People’s Friend”.

It must be nearly 60 years since visitors to Cullen on the Moray Firth were last able to arrive by rail. The line, like so many others throughout the country, was to fall foul of the rash Beeching Cuts of the 1960s. That said, the town’s massive railway viaducts remain and give Cullen its most famous landmark.

From Cullen’s Auld Kirk to the Mercat Cross, join Willie as he points out places of interest during our visit to the Moray Firth.

Down The Rabbit Hole

One of the most well-known bunnies is, of course, Peter Rabbit.

Photograph by Shutterstock.

As Malcolm D. Welshman teases back the tufts of grass torn out of his lawn by the hordes of rabbits that live in the warrens in the woods nearby, he realises that, in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, this is the Year of the Rabbit.

People born under this animal’s sign will have longevity, peacefulness and prosperity – not that this applies to the lagomorphs that have perpetuated all this damage to his lawn.

Also, such activities feed his phobia. Leporiphobia. A fear of rabbits.

As you’ll see in the magazine, Malcolm has been taking strides to face his most curious phobia . . .

Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection

This sack-backdress dates to around 1780.

Photograph by Historic Royal Palaces.

Hampton Court Palace, in Surrey, holds many treasures within its walls.

As visitors head for its famous Tudor kitchens, they will be unaware of one of them, located a few metres away across the courtyard.

There, in a former Grace and Favour apartment and the earlier working rooms of the Tudor royal palace, is a collection of international importance.

The Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection is a 10,000-strong assortment of items associated with famous names in British royal history and their contemporaries.

Spanning almost five centuries, the collection comprises royal, ceremonial and court fashion, wedding dresses, uniforms and accessories.

Claire Saul admires the fascinating Royal Dress Collection and finds out more about it in the magazine.

Wonky Winnie

American bulldog Winnie.

Photograph courtesy of Wendy Linge.

A puppy with deformed legs, facing an uncertain future, is now a top scent and sniffer dog.

The American bulldog was in such a poor state that she became known as “Wonky” Winnie.

But after being rescued by the RSPCA, she was fostered by Wendy Linge to help her get over the grief of losing her dog, Bob.

A special hydrotherapy treatment plan and Wendy’s tireless devotion got Winnie back on all four paws, and the pair travel all over, taking part in scent work trials.

Bill Gibb hears more about the tale of sniffer dog Wonky Winnie in the magazine.

Inspiring Cheerleader

There are so many wayswheelchair users can be included in cheerleading.

Photograph courtesy of Phoenix Allstars.

As an eighteen-year-old who loved gymnastics and dancing, Beth Hope knew something was wrong when she would come home from school and instantly fall asleep.

Doctors initially suspected depression. However, Beth and her mum knew that wasn’t the case, and constant headaches and vision issues added to their concerns over her overwhelming fatigue.

Finally, she was diagnosed with ME, and now has to use a wheelchair whenever she leaves her Cheltenham home.

But Beth has refused to let her condition hold her back. In fact, she has continued her passion for cheerleading and is set to take part in this year’s World Championships.

Learn more about Beth in the April 8,2023 issue.

Elsewhere, we have a collection of tasty recipes for an Easter feast, and a knitting pattern to make a cable sweater.

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