Features Sneak Peek: April 15, 2023 Issue

SYSTEM © Illustration of Hughenden Manor.

Neil McAllister explores the countryside surrounding High Wycombe, in the April 15, 2023 issue of “The People’s Friend”.

If Victor Gregory hadn’t taken his grandson on a visit to his former workplace in 2004, a WWII secret might have remained untold to this day.

However, a National Trust volunteer overheard Victor’s reminiscences of wartime map-making at Hughenden Manor. This opened a new chapter in the story of one of Britain’s most famous Prime Minister’s homes.

Hughenden Manor was requisitioned for a top-secret operation, where aerial photographs were turned into maps to guide crews more accurately to their targets.

Maps created here are said to have guided missions like 617 squadron’s famous “Dambusters” raid. As a result, it shortened the war and arguably reduced civilian casualties.

Join Neil as he discovers more about the area where Benjamin Disraeli made his home.

Recreating A Full-size Dinosaur

Nigel likens his extraordinarywork to a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Photograph by Nottingham City Council.

If you think of model-making, an image of a boxful of tiny plastic parts and a tube of glue may well come to mind.

But when Nigel Larkin sets to work, it’s on a somewhat larger scale. He’ll be ready with power tools, welding equipment and scaffolding.

His latest project was using fossils from tens of millions of years ago to put together the skeleton of a full-size dinosaur.

Bill Gibb caught up with Nigel, a conservator of natural history specimens, to find out more.

Cats With Careers

Brian is part ofthe furniture.

Photograph courtesy of Somerset County Cricket Club.

If you travel to Taunton and visit Somerset County Cricket Club, chances are you’ll be bowled over – by a friendly feline called Brian who spends his days at the ground.

The affectionate ginger cat has been a regular resident at the cricket club for many years, and everyone who meets him becomes besotted.

In the magazine, Lorna Cowan meets Brian, who’s having a ball at the cricket club.

The History Of Headwear

The Queen was thought to have worn more than 5,000 hats during her reign.

Photograph by Shutterstock.

Once upon a time, stepping out without a hat would have been unusual at best, and scandalous at worst!

Everyday formal styles for men and women fell out of fashion long ago, with baseball caps and beanies making their way to the top of the hat parade instead.

Hold onto yours as we delve into the history of this familiar and functional fashion accessory.

Laura Brown explores the background of hats, from the peak of their popularity to the present day.

Elsewhere, we have a collection of tasty recipes for Saturday-night suppers, and a craft project to make a decorative and practical doorstep.

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