A Time To Reap – Episode 11

A Time To Reap

Before June could decide whether to respond or not she realised that it wasn’t herself Isa was looking at but her son, Frank, whose truck had drawn up.

Frank slammed the pick-up door shut and made to go to his own house, then stopped when he saw June. He pushed open the gate.

“Afternoon, Mrs Morrison.” He came over and squatted beside her, reaching out his hand to pinch the baby’s cheek. “Sadie, is that her name? A bonnie girl.”

He glanced up at June.

“Just like her mum.”

Frank was living up to his reputation, June thought with amusement. What was it Nancy had said?

“He skives off and stravaigs around the countryside breaking hearts.”

He evidently couldn’t resist turning his charm on a new target.

“Have you finished work early today?” she asked innocently.

“Came home to get changed.” With a grimace Frank indicated the Rosland estate suit he wore – plus-fours and jacket in dark-green herringbone-patterned tweed. “Bit of other business to attend to.”

He winked at her as he stood up. It was easy to see why the girls in the area found him attractive, each one probably thinking that she’d be the one he’d settle down with.

“Frankie, are you coming in?” Isa was at the door.

“Just coming, Ma.”

Frank fumbled in his jacket pocket and took out a half crown which he put into Sadie’s little fist.

“A silver coin for good luck. See, she’s holding on to it. That’s a sign she’ll be thrifty.”

“More than you are, giving your money away.” His mother sniffed.

Frank went red.

“Don’t mind Ma,” he said in a low voice.

June took the half crown before Sadie could put it in her mouth.

“Thank you.”

Fifteen minutes later she saw him leave the house, wearing dark trousers and a fashionable striped shirt.

Isa came to the garden gate with him.

“What will I say if Mr Shaw wants to know where you are?”

“Say you haven’t seen me since breakfast. He won’t ask, though. I told him I’d be cutting out the weak trees from the far wood today.”

Isa leaned over June’s gate when he’d gone.

“He’s a hard worker, Frank is. Deserves a bit of fun.”

June didn’t reply. Isa narrowed her eyes.

“Frank’s a hard worker,” she repeated. “Don’t you go making trouble for him.”

Abigail Phillips

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