The Call Of The City – Episode 26

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Grace was still thinking about the audition as she stepped into Juliet’s elegant apartment, so unlike her home back in Yorkshire with all of its lovably cosy shabbiness.

Though neither of them were in the apartment much, her aunt had a cleaner come once a week and everything was always pristine.

Grace was keeping her bedroom neater than she ever had at home, and tended to tiptoe through the rest of the apartment, afraid to mess anything up.

“Grace?” Juliet called from the kitchen. “How was your tutorial?”

“Fine, thanks.” Grace laid her keys on the hall table and came into the kitchen. “It’s hard to believe the summer term will be over in another few weeks.”

“Yes, it’s gone by so fast, I feel I’ve hardly seen you.” Juliet kept her voice light but Grace still felt guilty.

The truth was, between her classes and new friends, she hadn’t seen much of her aunt. She needed to remedy that, too.

“Sorry, Aunt Juliet. Everything has been busier than I expected.”

“I think it would be fun to throw a party for you. A welcome party, though it’s been a while now. You could meet some of my friends, and, of course, invite some of your own.”

“Wow. That’s so kind of you.”

“I want to do it. I love parties.”

Juliet smiled and Grace tried not to feel uneasy.

She wasn’t sure her aunt’s idea of a party would be what her friends had in mind, yet who was she to turn up her nose at such a generous offer?

“Thanks, Aunt Juliet,” she said, with a warm smile back. “That would be amazing.”

To be continued . . .