The Secret of Trefusis Cove – Episode 37

But the adage turned out to be correct. By the time they’d had breakfast and helped with chores the sun was shining brightly.

“Rain freshens things up lovely,” Aircut said as they walked to Tangara.

Outside the cottage, as well as Betty’s little car there was a white van with a logo on the side.


Parked behind it was a pick-up truck laden with timber, bags of plaster plus an assortment of bits and pieces. Polly was tethered to a mooring post and was happily chomping the grass.

“My word!” Sally cried. “Mr Grey has got started on the repairs already!”

“There, you see?” Val said. “Alex is honourable. He wants it all shipshape before Peter John arrives.”

Betty sniffed.

“I suppose I ought to admire him for that.”

Alex appeared as they approached.

“I thought I’d start the ball rolling,” he said. “I met a couple of builders in the Crab and Mermaid last night. They worked on the restoration of my uncle’s old homestead.

“They were eager to take on this job, so after getting Mr John’s permission I gave them the OK. Not stepping on any toes, am I?”

“No, Alex, it’s very kind of you to take on the task so soon,” Val said.

He smiled.

“No worries. The damage was my fault, despite it being an accident. I’ve just got to get back in there now to help the blokes chip off more of the loose bits.

“More mess, I’m afraid, but we’ll clean it all up. And these guys say they’ll do it up in the character of the old place.” He disappeared inside the cottage again.

“There,” Val said. “Why would he mend something he intends to pull down?”

“I have no idea, but I fear he’s up to something.”

“Betty, have a heart. He’s being good and kind.”

“Well,” Aircut said, “as we seem superfluous here I suggest you two pick up as much gear as you need and come back to my place. You can stay for a few days until all this is over.”

“That’s so kind.” Betty smiled. “But we don’t like to impose.”

“No trouble at all. Besides, I want you two singing clearly with no plaster dust in your tonsils. There’s method in my invitation!” He grinned.

Betty and Val went into Tangara and packed up everything they’d need for a few days. Alex declared it a “beaut idea” as that would mean that he and the workmen wouldn’t be disturbed.

At the moment they were having a tea break outside on the grass, looking like a trio of white ghosts covered in plaster dust.

Back at Aircut’s cottage they put their suitcases in the little bedroom. Val opened hers and took out her camera.

Betty smiled.

“I didn’t imagine you’d be without that for long.”

“I also brought this.” Val put the old cash box on top of the chest of drawers. “Best keep it safe. One of the workmen might be tempted to open it. They’ve got tools for that sort of thing and they’re local enough to be interested.”

Abigail Phillips

Abbie is the newest member of the fiction team at the "Friend." She loves how varied the role is - every day is different and there is always a new story to read. She is keen to work closely with established writers and discover new writers, too.