The Wedding Quilt – Episode 32

He swallowed hard.

“Just supposing I do a deal with Fred Billings over the horse. I hope you’re not suggesting I can make deliveries on that old ice wagon of his! If I carried food on that I’d have the sanitary inspector after me in no time.”

“I’ve been looking at that old hay wagon of your grandpa’s out in the drive shed,” Mamie told him.

“That old thing? It’s got a broken shaft.”

“So what? You can get that replaced.”

“And what if it rains, and everything gets soaked?”

“When the shaft is being replaced you can get a simple frame put on as well. We’ll invest in a canvas tarpaulin and nail it on.”

“You’ve got an answer for everything, Mamie Burke!”

They were silent for a while, thinking over the possibilities. Another idea struck Mamie.

“Once people get to know you’re making regular calls, it wouldn’t surprise me if they ask you to deliver items between farms. A casserole for a sick neighbour, or dressmaking that’s been commissioned.”

“Are you saying people would pay to have me transport stuff? I wouldn’t know how much to charge.”

“You’d do it as a kindness, of course, but it would pay off in other ways. People would hesitate to take advantage, so they’d buy something in return.”

“You’ve got it all figured out, haven’t you?”

Mamie simpered.

“That’s not all I’ve been thinking about. It seems such a long time since we were courting, Matt.”

“Thirty years, I s’pose.”

“I miss those days when we went out together in your dad’s buggy. I’d love to come out with you on your rounds. Think of it, Matt. Just the two of us, side by side, trotting down the country lanes. Do you remember how we used to sing? People must have heard us coming from miles away!”

“Silly young fools!”

“Young, happy and full of hope. We may not be young any more, but we can still be happy and optimistic. What do you say?

“All right, I’ll think about it! Are you satisfied now?”

Mamie smiled and bent over her sewing.


When Beasie came home later that evening, she was surprised to hear voices raised in song.

She stood outside the kitchen, listening as her parents went through their whole repertoire, ranging from “Daisy, Daisy” to “The Old Rugged Cross”. Whatever had been going on in her absence was all to the good if this was the result.

And if her parents were so absorbed in each other they were unlikely to ask too many questions about her evening with Paddy!

The card party had been well attended. So well that there weren’t enough tables to accommodate all the players.

Paddy had given up their places to two elderly latecomers, and after a few minutes standing around he’d suggested they leave.

After helping Beasie into the buggy, he took her into his arms and kissed her. The horse, still tethered to the split-rail fence, waited patiently for the signal to leave.

When Paddy released her at last Beasie looked up at the sky, which was filled with a million brilliant twinkling stars. She realised that she was on the verge of falling headlong in love with this handsome, witty, courageous man.

Was it possible that he felt the same about her? His ardent kisses seemed to indicate that this might be the case.

She sighed happily. Only time would tell where this might lead.

Abigail Phillips

Abbie is the newest member of the fiction team at the "Friend." She loves how varied the role is - every day is different and there is always a new story to read. She is keen to work closely with established writers and discover new writers, too.