Story Starter: Cloudburst

What does th epicture make you want to write about?

What will I write about today? You may well be thinking that as you sit at your desk. Blank screen, blank mind – intimidating, isn’t it? It happens to me, too. I’m sitting at my office desk wondering what to write about as a blogpost…

But it’s where I hope the story starter images can help you, at least. I know they do for some writers, because they say so when they submit the resulting story!

Some write about an event that interprets the image fairly literally, while others send a story that they say has nothing obvious to do with the image; it’s just what came out.

So, let’s look at the image I’ve chosen today….

I always hesitate to say too much about them, because I don’t want to plant impressions/thoughts/distractions in your head; I really prefer to leave your mind a blank canvas.

But maybe some newer writers wonder how to take that image and turn it into a story. How does the creative process work? So, let’s look at today’s picture which I’ve captioned Cloudburst.

It could prompt an obvious story about someone being caught in a cloudburst. And you’d want to think about who’s caught, where they’re going/coming from, how it affects them, how it’s an obstacle. Or perhaps it’s a benefit. And this is where your mind can go off at a tangent. What if the cloudburst is something a community has been praying for? A life-saver? Are we sliding into a period story now? Or a story set overseas?

Alternatively it could suggest a metaphor for someone’s life – stormclouds, rain; you know, into every life a little rain must fall, kind of thing.

Maybe it makes you think about how a seed sprouts and grows in sunshine and rain like this, and again it can be a metaphor for how a person might blossom given the right atmosphere and conditions.

As I said, I don’t want to say too much and fill your mind with my thoughts instead of your own. So it’s over to you…

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Shirley Blair

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