Meet Amy

“Amy was born prematurely and eventually diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, Sensory Processing Disorder as well as serious core muscle weakness. She started riding with RDA last year,” Sarah Pendleton, Amy’s mum, says.

“Amy loves riding – being on a horse is her happiest time. She has always found it hard to do the things that other kids find easy, but she clearly knows that she can do this. Seeing Amy riding gives me huge amounts of pride in her as a parent – that she is happy and able to do something so well, and something that is doing her so much good.

“Although at first it took her months to smile, Amy has since been a happy and confident girl, something we have clung to throughout all of the difficulties and disappointments and worry for her future.

“The opportunity for Amy to ride with RDA has helped transform our lives from one of daily worry to hope for the future and excitement about what she will be able to do.”

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