Delving Into Daily Serials

What is your story. daily serials

As I’m new to “The People’s Friend” I’ve never had the pleasure of delving into our many Daily Serials! I think online fiction and daily serials are a wonderful idea. So, I thought I might start giving them a go.

On a similar note, it’s been interesting meeting with our digital department over the past few weeks. I’ve been learning all about the many reasons that lie behind your page clicks. By using Google Analytics, we can actually see which of our recent daily serials are the most popular. But that’s for another post…

Today, I thought I’d simply list the three serials that initially and intuitively caught my eye. I also want to ask you guys which serials you’re reading. What are your favourites and why? Recommended reading is always the best way to start!

daily serials

The first story that really grabbed my attention was Under The Elm Tree by Lorna Howarth! This may have been due to the illustration alone, which is just full of autumn and smiles. But after reading the small synopsis, I was intrigued by the prospect of reading a tale not only from cradle to grave, but from the 1930s until now.

daily serials

Next on my reading list is He’s Watching You by Mary Kettlewell, which looks and sounds dramatic –and I can get on board with that!

daily serials

And then I noticed Community Spirit by Kerry Mayo, which is our current running serial. This peaked my interest purely for the fact it’s still ongoing, so I would get to enjoy the wait and the surprise with everybody else… a bit like with Game of Thrones, which I’m sadly miles behind on.

If you haven’t already, take a look for yourself and let me know where your wandering, reading eyes takes you. We really do have a bit of an online library going here!


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Hannah McLaren