At Home With Charles Dickens

Back in 1874 (four years after his death), we published an account from one Mr N.P. Dodge about a visit he made to Charles Dickens’ house.

Having become acquainted through work, the American Mr Dodge was invited to be a guest, and posthumously spilled the beans to us about what he found.

He was especially taken by Mrs Dickens, “a beautiful woman of about five-and-thirty, large lustrous eyes, finely-chiselled features, graceful in her movements, cordial in her manner…” and so on and so on!

“I never saw a happier family in England or America,” he declared. “At his own table Dickens was the best of talkers. No man ever told a better story.”

Dickens was still clearly working hard at the time, as he was absent from the family “from breakfast till half an hour before dinner”.

This is the 175th year since the publishing of “A Christmas Carol”, a story that still resonates with readers to this day. How fascinating to read a glimpse into the life of a man whose love of his family was as great as his love of writing.

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Alex Corlett

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