Tea Towel

It never fails to surprise me how things that one person considers “normal” are never what other people do.

I was reminded of this in the office when talking about household chores (I tend to do the cooking & my husband does the washing up). We leave the washed items to dry on the draining rack and they get put away the next morning whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

Works for us. However, this drew some exclamations from some people that we firstly don’t have a dishwasher (no room in our cottage kitchen) and also that we leave them to dry and don’t dry them up.  Strangely, although this is the way we do things in our household, we do own quite a selection of nice tea towels – the latest addition being “The People’s Friend” anniversary one – but we very rarely use them.

Are you a “leave to drip dry” or do you grab a towel and dry immediately – or do you have the luxury of a dishwasher?  And do you not then have to dry any plastic tubs, as they always come out wet?

Don’t forget, too, that those new tea towels always work a lot better after their first wash!

Kirsty Matthews

Kirsty heads up the marketing for all of the DCT Media magazines. Kirsty has the very exciting job of telling the right audiences about the magazine wherever they may be and on whichever channels they interact with. It is fair to say it keeps her busy, but not always out of trouble! Kirsty loves getting out in the fresh air, exploring Scotland as well as other parts of the world and speaks fluent Spanish.