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On a recent trip to the “People’s Friend” Archive, I noticed the “‘People’s Friend’ Nursery Card” – a page of advice on caring for very young children, from January, 1907.

Like the “Friend”, lots of the advice has stood the test of time, although there are a couple of odd items to look out for!


  • Accustom a baby from the very first to sleep when laid down, without singing or rocking.
  • Bedtime should be a set hour.
  • Do not leave a light in bedrooms to please child.

Food and Feeding

  • Wherever possible, mother’s milk should be the sole diet for 8 or 9 months.
  • Utensils must be clean and sterilised daily.
  • For its first seven months baby should get no starchy foods (biscuits or bread and milk, milk puddings, &c); but later these are suitable. Oat-flour gruel is particularly good then.
  • Children should have neither pieces nor fruit nor sweets between meals.
  • Jam must not be used as a substitute for butter. If a substitute be necessary, beef dripping is admirable.

General Management

  • Daily outings are essential – the only obstacle being fog or rain.
  • Do not bribe a child to be good.
  • Too few toys are better than too many.
  • Where disapproval is a distinct punishment, you may spare the rod – otherwise whippings are advisable.
  • Teach children to be methodical and tidy in every little task they undertake.

Some Warnings

  • Never give laudanum in any form to a child. (!)
  • Never use punch or any other form of alcohol.
  • Never make a promise you cannot keep.
  • Never frighten a child either about the dark or a bogie-man, or the doctor, or anything.


  • Coughs and Colds should be carefully watched, and a doctor summoned if the temperature rises or the breath becomes hurried.
  • Constipation – Teach child to try at a set time daily. For children over six months, prune juice or stewed apples or rhubarb may be tried.
  • Diarrhoea – Dose of castor oil at once. Lime water.
  • Croup – Linseed poultices or hot fomentations to front of neck; drinks of warm milk; fire in room, and steam kettle.

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