Love From Loki

Patients with life-limiting illnesses, families seeking support, and staff who provide exceptional nursing care – everyone at the Ayrshire Hospice benefits from regular visits by Carol Shearing and her two-year-old Australian Labradoodle, Loki.

“He’s incredibly calm at the hospice,” Carol, a retired head teacher who lives in Ayr, says.

“Loki serves to bring a smile, or even a welcome distraction, in difficult circumstances. Everyone enjoys his company.”

Carol admits that while Loki takes a lot of grooming, she specifically chose the breed when she started thinking about becoming a PAT volunteer.

“When I was a head teacher, I invited a PAT dog to the school as part of the Read2Dogs programme. It was so successful that I decided I wanted my own PAT dog when I retired.

“I decided to get an Australian Labradoodle as this breed doesn’t shed hair, which means Loki has a high compatibility rate with allergy and asthma sufferers.”

Carol and Loki also visit Mathieson House, an assisted-living facility, and Alloway Primary School. “Loki is great with children. He lies on a beanbag and listens to them reading, though he often shows off a bit more of his cheeky side.”

The name “Loki” comes from a character in Norse mythology who is often portrayed as a cunning trickster. According to Carol, this definitely applies to her dog.

“His name certainly suits his personality. Labradoodles are particularly intuitive, very intelligent and easily trained. Oh, and incredibly comical!”

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