Lemon-Aid! Beauty Advice From 1964


We’re proud that “The People’s Friend” has been a source of insight and advice for our readers for 150 wonderful years.

It’s safe to say that the nature of the advice has changed a little over the years, though!

We hope you enjoy this little piece we found in our Archive. We discovered it in an issue of “The People’s Friend” from 1964.

“One of the greatest aids to beauty is a lemon! Keep one in your larder and you’re all set for a clear skin, sparkling eyes and hair that shines.

*Besides being wonderful beautifiers, lemons are also one of the best-known aids to slimming. So always keep a few handy in your larder, or buy a bottle of pure lemon juice.

It can be very frustrating trying to cut down on your food. A tablespoonful of lemon juice in half a glass of water taken about an hour before lunch will help to take the edge off your appetite.

But whether you’re slimming or not, there’s no better beautifier than the juice of a lemon squeezed into a glass of hot water, and taken first thing every morning. This not only clears the skin and adds sparkle to your eyes, but also keeps the gums sound and builds up resistance to colds and flu.

*Nothing cleans and whitens roughened hands and elbows better than lemon juice. But remember, when you’ve dried your hands and elbows, always rub in a little hand cream.

*Try rubbing lemon juice into the soles of your feet after a bath. This banishes tiredness in next to no time.

*The juice of a lemon, slightly diluted and dabbed on the lips, prevents lipstick from becoming smudged. Or, added to a pint of water, it makes an excellent hair rinse, removing all traces of shampoo, which can dull the hair. This method can be used by blondes and brunettes alike, for it’s the thorough cleanliness which counts.

*Do you sometimes feel a bit tired and jaded during the day? Then mix two tablespoonfuls lemon juice with two teaspoonfuls of honey and a little warm water. Drink this and you’ll soon feel on top of the world again.”

There you have it! Did you know that a lemon could be quite so useful for your beauty regime?

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Lucy Crichton

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