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first and last

Inspired by a popular question often heard on BBC Radio 2, the “Friend” team are playing “First And Last”.

This week: First And Last Gigs. There are some real music fans here in the office, so the broad range of musical artists on display here probably shouldn’t come as a surprise!

board gameAngela, Editor

The first gig I ever attended was Duran Duran at Ingliston. I must have been about fourteen, and I went with my cousin Jacqueline, who is eight years older than me. She made out she was doing me a favour by taking me, but I think she was more excited about it than I was. I was still very excited, though. And I still have my vinyl copy of “Rio” to this day! Haven’t listened to it for years, though.

The latest gig I attended was just two weeks ago, when I went to see the Proclaimers at Edinburgh Castle. It was fantastic. My husband and I must have seen them live about 15 times in total now, and they never disappoint. The setting of the castle made the experience even better, and the weather stayed fine – always a bonus at an outdoor event!

board gameAlex, Features Editor

First gig: U2 on their “Pop” tour at Wembley. It was a good gig, though you could barely see them at the far end of the field. It was £25! Bargain. Haven’t listened to them for ages.

Last gig: The Lounge Kittens! First saw them at a festival doing lounge/barbershop versions of the Prodigy and Metallica, then my wife got into them, so we went to see them in Glasgow. They were fab! I still listen to them – every other time I’m in my wife’s car!

board gameShirley, Fiction Editor

I don’t know if you could call my first gig “a gig” as we understand it now. It was the mid-Sixties, and my mum and dad were fans of Frankie Vaughan, who was appearing at a little local theatre here in Dundee. So my sister and I had to go, too.

I remember his evening suit, his high kicking and “Green Door” – that’s all! And no, I don’t still listen to his music . . .

The latest gig was in May this year, a band called Foals. Again, at a small nightclub venue here in Dundee. Mr Fiction Ed picked up on them first when he heard them on evening radio and started raving about them, and now I really like them, too.

The gig was quite small and intense, one of the best I’ve ever been to. So much energy. I listen to their albums in the car – it’s great driving music.

Margaret, Production Team

My first gig was Showaddywaddy, when I took my sisters and niece to the Caird Hall here in Dundee to see them. It was great fun, but I don’t really listen to them anymore.

My latest gig was Incubus concert. My daughter and I went to Glasgow to see them. I love this band, and I listen to them a lot!

 Tracey, Fiction Team

My first gig was Tears For Fears at The Locarno in Glasgow in 1983. My friend absolutely loved them, and her auntie worked at the venue so we actually got in for free . . .and before everyone else!

They were absolutely brilliant, and it was even more exciting as we were near the front. I remember that if you waited a couple of weeks after a concert you’d be able to buy a bootleg recording of it on cassette. You’d either go into one of the local record shops or you could send away for it from an ad in Record Mirror!

The most recent concert I attended was Burt Bacharach in Edinburgh. I absolutely love easy-listening, and no-one wrote these sort of songs better than Bacharach and David!

I dragged my husband along, and despite his reservations he had a great time . . . and we were the youngest ones there, which doesn’t happen very often any more!

He was still wonderful, despite being in his mid-80s. Obviously his voice wasn’t as strong, so he had some singers performing most of the vocal work, but he performed “Alfie” on his own and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

There was a full orchestra accompanying him so it was magical. He would intersperse songs with showbiz stories of yesteryear! Talk about magical!


 Lisa, Features Team

The first gig I ever went to was Take That, when I was, I think, 12.  I was in first year and was sent home from school the next day after being sick, basically due to working myself into such a frenzy at the gig the night before!

I was completely and utterly obsessed with the band and besotted with Robbie Williams, who I can no longer stand.  My bedroom walls – and even the ceiling – at the time were completely covered in Take That posters. I also had a Take That duvet set and was a member of the fan club.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be admitting all of this!

I do still listen to Take That, actually, which brings me to my latest gig, which was . . . Take That!

I saw them in April this year and the gig was brilliant – they obviously spend a lot of money going on tour.  It’s a proper production – not just three men with microphones.


Jacki, Production Team

My first concert was Boyzone in Glasgow, in 1996.

My sister was a big fan, and I accompanied her when I was 13. I liked them, and had all their albums. They were supported by Westside — now known as Westlife — who I ended up being a massive fan of, much more than Boyzone.


Alan, Fiction Team

My first gig was probably a punk concert on a local beach when I was a teenager. The concert promoted mostly Scottish punk bands, and my brother was playing guitar in one. So my friends and I decided to go along. plus it was a free gig! Punk has never been my scene, but I do remember some smashing up of equipment, though, so 8/10 for entertainment value.

I don’t really go to gigs now. If I could choose, it would be a smaller venue where I’m guaranteed a seat. My last big gig would have been New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi. I like their music, and I’ve been a fan since their ’86 album, “Slippery When Wet”.

My favourite song of theirs is “Keep The Faith”. And I defy anyone not to sing along to “Livin’ On A Prayer”!

Keep a look out for more “First And Last” posts coming in future!

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