Our #PF150 Interactive Timeline Has Moved

interactive timeline

If you’re looking for our 150th anniversary interactive timeline, don’t worry!

It hasn’t disappeared — it’s just moved. You can now find it by clicking here.

A lot has happened in the world since “The People’s Friend” first hit the shelves in 1869. Thanks to our timeline, you can take a look at some of the most important events from the last century and a half with just a few clicks.

Not only that, there’s also inspiration to be found.

Alan from the Fiction team has found a good few story ideas while browsing, taking his cue from events like the Gunfight At The OK Corral and the publication of Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture Of Dorian Gray”.

So it’s clear our interactive timeline is more than just a look back through time.

It’s a source of creative ideas, and a source of information.

It’s a look back at the world our readers — and our editors, writers and contributors — lived in. A window into our past, and into the development of our magazine.

Why not try it yourself? We guarantee it’ll be difficult to stop scrolling once you get started!

If it’s inspiration you need, take a look at Fiction Ed Shirley’s Writing Prompt Story Starters.

Iain McDonald

Iain is Digital Content Editor at the "Friend", making him responsible for managing flow of interesting and entertaining content on the magazine's website and social media channels.