Have You Ever Tried Knooking?


Author Laura Strutt has a new yarn crafting craze to share: knooking!

We know how much “Friend” readers enjoy hobbies and crafts and we like to keep you informed of fresh ideas that may interest you.

The “Sew, Make, Enjoy” page in our August 31 issue rounds up some interesting new ideas for crafters and knitters. One book featured there is “Get Knooking”.

We asked author Laura Strutt to tell us more about herself and this crafty pastime.

“I learned to knit and crochet as a child,” Laura says. “And so many of my family members — including grandmothers, mother, sister, aunts and cousins — enjoy creative hobbies.

“So I’ve grown up with a love for making things, and textile crafts is one of my passions!

A fantastic craft for all

“I really enjoy new challenges, and knooking was exactly that — the opportunity to try a completely new-to-me craft.

“Knooking is a method of creating a knitted fabric using a special hook, which looks similar to a crochet hook but also features an eye for threading cord to hold the stitches.

“This craft works to create knitted stitches and a knitted fabric.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to work on ‘Get Knooking’, to explore the craft and all of its many possibilities.

“While I came to knooking with experience of both knitting and crochet, it is a fantastic craft for all. Even those with no previous experience of yarn crafts.

“I’m really proud of the diverse collection of projects in the book. it’s a great way to try out new techniques, learn the different stitches and create your own unique handmade items!”

“Get Knooking” is published by CICO Books.

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Yvonne McKenzie

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