The Great British Bake Off: Dairy Week

Great British Bake Off

Last night, The Great British Bake Off was baking new ground, thanks to the introduction of “Dairy Week”.

But would the cream rise to the top, or would it all . . . just be a bit wet?

Fittingly, it was a week of surprises in the kitchen, too.

Not one of the bakers seem to fancy greasing their cake tins during the Signature Challenge, for example.

This meant there was far too much drama when it came to turning out time. Though nothing was quite as dramatic as Michelle gingerly releasing her cake, only to smash the cake stand in half in the process.

Michael’s decision to include a seam of cheesecake through his effort proved to be a little too adventurous. His cake (and his heart) split in half as he tried to remove it from the tin.

Last week’s Star Baker was looking a little forlorn . . .

The Technical Challenge had the bakers attempt maids of honour.

I say “attempt”.

These were so bad, they prompted Paul to announce how bad they were before he’d even tasted any of them.

Priya’s efforts were the least successful, winning this year’s “soggy bottom” crown.

Finally, it was Indian sweets for the Showstopper, as the bakers set about making mishti.

This was all about bright colours and bold flavours.

Meaning a sharp intake of breath when Phil mentioned he was making chocolate soil, inspired by his garden . . .

And another, for a different reason, when young Henry claimed he was going to make ice cream.

The elimination

It did not go well for him.

Steph was deservedly named Star Baker this week.

But on an episode when Michael presented half a cake, and Priya presented a pile of honour, rather than a maid of honour, it was of course Phil who was eliminated.

The truck driver had been solidly middle of the road, so was entitled to look a little shocked when the result was announced.

Finally, this year’s accusations of a fix could begin . . .

Hopefully everything will be a little less controversial next week.

Although the threat of a double elimination is still very real . . .

The bakes

This week, the bakers tackled:

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