A Little Look At Our Subscribers . . . All Over The World


“The People’s Friend” is very proud to have thousands of subscribers who wait eagerly for each of our weekly issues and Specials.

And for our one-off passion publications, like the 150th Fiction Special and the 150 Years Of Christmas Cookery!

And although we know we have loyal readers as far away South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia who tune in every week to our Facebook Live broadcasts, just quite how far our magazines travel might surprise you.

It certainly surprised us!

We’ve put together this little video as a thank you, and as a way to help celebrate our 150th anniversary.

Are you one of these subscribers?


Did we highlight your home country? Hopefully we haven’t missed anyplace!

These are just the locations where we have registered subscribers, of course, and not where folks pick up their latest issue from the newsagent shelves.

That video would take a little longer . . .

We’ll be posting this over on our Facebook page a little later today. Please do head over there and comment to let us know where you’re from — especially if we haven’t included you here!

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Iain McDonald

Iain is Digital Content Editor at the "Friend", making him responsible for managing flow of interesting and entertaining content on the magazine's website and social media channels.