Features Sneak Peek: November 2, 2019

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This week’s sneak peek begins with Willie Shand‘s tour of Aberdeen.

Willie paints a picture of the Granite City’s stunning aesthetic, and provides an insight into its fascinating history.

Exploring the lesser-known yet resonant parts of Old Aberdeen, he wanders by quaint cottages and colourful gardens.

He also takes a look at St Machar’s Cathedral (the only granite-built cathedral in the world), and a notable stone erected by George Cruickshank and his wife in 1655. 

How to protect yourself from a cyber attack


With technology constantly evolving, it can be difficult to know how to navigate the online world.

We have some quick and easy tips on protecting yourself from online attack.

The journey from child refugee to businesswoman

sneak peek

Dame Stephanie Shirley.

Dame Stephanie Shirley arrived in the UK at the age of five unaccompanied by her parents. In her new book, she details her journey to current success as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

What you didn’t know about cleaning products and pets

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Vet Linda Simon opens our eyes to the dangers spring cleaning can have for our furry companions.

Linda offers some hints and tips on keeping our pets safe from the potentially adverse effects of our everyday cleaning products.

Tasty recipes for World Vegan Day

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This week, we have a selection of easy yet yummy vegan recipes to mark World Vegan Day on November 1.

The baked gouda mac ‘n’ cheese has our stomachs rumbling. And the black bean burrito casserole looks to die for!

Elsewhere in this week’s issue, Gillian Harvey meets the clothing company with a foot firmly in the past.

Neil McAllister takes a horticultural trip around the world at Carmarthen’s botanical garden.

And we show you how to knit a cosy autumnal jersey.

See you here next week for another sneak peek!