Pets As Therapy: Request A Visit

request a visit

If you’ve been following our series on charity Pets As Therapy, you might be wondering: how do I request a visit from a volunteer and their pet?

It’s simple!

If you know of an establishment — maybe a residential home, day care centre, hospice or nursing home — that you feel would benefit from a visit, simply complete the online form available on the PAT website.

Anne & Hansie. Photograph courtesy of Pets As Therapy/Vine House Studios.

The provision of a volunteer and the time it may take to arrange this will depend on the number of volunteers in your area. It is also important that the available PAT teams are a match to both parties’ requirements.

Pets As Therapy does not charge for this service. As a charity, however, it welcomes any support or donations you can provide.

Please note that the visits must take place in a communal area of the establishment. Staff must be present and available to support the volunteer while s/he is on the premises.

Don’t delay, request a visit today!

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