Note To Self: More Puzzles Next Year!


If you’ve been reading my blog over the last few months, you’ll know that we have a lot of puzzles to solve when publishing an issue of “The People’s Friend” every week.

And our second bumper issue of the festive season was no exception.

We’re really pleased with what we’ve put together for you, from Yvonne’s chat to the ever-lovely Gyles Brandreth to Mairi’s look at the history of Christmas jumpers, it’s full of great festive features.

But we’ve had a few letters and emails from folk who haven’t been too happy about the lack of puzzles.

In our first double issue, we had a special seasonal spread of them, but there was no crossword or Sudoku.

In this issue (December 21 & 28), we have both those types of puzzles in, but just one page.

It sounds like a few folk were hoping for double the puzzles in that issue, as there was double almost everything else.

I’ll be honest, I was surprised at the strength of feeling some people had about them.

Where we can act, we will

We never intended to short-change anyone. We were just cramming in so much other stuff — including our “Quiz of the Year” — that there was no more room.

But I’m hear to tell you that we’ve listened, taken it on board and will remember for next year!

I’d like to thank everyone for getting in touch.

At the end of the day, we want to produce a magazine that you will enjoy.

We can’t act on every suggestion, because there are sometimes immovable demands on space, placing and the like. But where we can, we will.

So, puzzle fans, rest assured that not only will things go back to normal in January, but there will be plenty of puzzles coming this time next year!

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Alex Corlett

Alex is the "Friend's" Features Editor, working with the talented Features Team to bring you everything from cryptic crosswords to financial advice, knitting patterns to international travel and inspirational real life stories. Always on the hunt for a new feature idea, Alex also enjoys cycling and loves a good tea room.