Featuring: Perfect-looking Potatoes


In our shop the other week, we picked up a packet of potatoes. It was only when we got home that I saw the sticker on the front:

“I’m not my normal gorgeous self but I still taste great, buy me and support British farmers affected by the floods.”

I have to admit that I couldn’t notice any difference in the spuds. And looking a bit rough is not something I would expect to hold against a potato.

Do people worry about their aesthetics of their potatoes? Is it fair to judge a spud by its cover?

I’d be a hypocrite if I said it was totally wrong. I think most of us take a close look at our fruit and veg before we make our selection.

Do the clementines look plump? Are the strawberries looking pale?

We make these decisions all the time. But it’s been refreshing over recent years to see some supermarkets have a crack at selling the wonky veg.

Support your local farmers

I don’t know who decided that all our onions or apples etc. had to conform to certain sizes and shapes to be acceptable. But I think that we can all agree it’s a bit mad considering the amount of waste generated by this approach.

Besides, I reckon most of us are just looking to get the best for our money, not being awkwardly picky.

We’ve got some delicious light mains in our January 11 issue, plus some lovely winter warming recipes in our Special 185, out on sale now.

Amongst the ingredients you’ll find plenty of everyday fruit and veg. So it seems like a good opportunity to try to buy British if you can.

By all accounts our farmers have had a terrible winter, so choose their goods where possible and give the wonky ones a home.

Here’s a few more reasons from an organisation called Love British Food about why home-grown is best

Alex Corlett

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