Writing Prompt Story Starter: Restaurant

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This week’s Story Starter is inspired by a recent family trip to visit my daughter, when we all went out for lunch.

Which is always lovely, of course, but in this current climate going out for a meal is even more special than usual.

It’s a little bit of normality, in the midst of uncertainty.

Which is a writing prompt in itself!

The restaurant we visited, La Vita Spuntini, is on Byres Road in Glasgow. Near the university, this is usually a busy, bustling area, full of students — and it was great to see things slowly returning to at least a little more “normal” than the past few months have been.

A past winner of Glasgow’s Best Italian Restaurant, La Vita Spuntini offers an affordable daytime menu, as well as vegan and vegetarian options, a la carte, cocktails and takeaway.

We had an outstanding meal (the best spaghetti Bolognese one son has ever tasted!), lovely service, and enjoyed a great atmosphere.

Our temperature being taken at the door, and diners being spaced evenly throughout the restaurant to observe social distancing, were the only hints that we’re not quite out of the woods yet.

But keeping us safe certainly didn’t spoil a lovely occasion.

So — can this help prompt a story this week?

Restaurants. Family affairs, large and small.

Keeping a cool head in the kitchen (literally and figuratively) when the heat is on.

Going out for a meal — with friends, with family, with a partner. For a special occasion, or just to catch up.

Favourite meals. Sharing meals. Spaghetti Bolognese. Taking you back to that lovely scene in “Lady And The Tramp”!

Waitering, and waitressing. In this case, certainly, providing a good service, with a smile.

Lovely tableware, and glasses.

Traditional businesses branching out, and diversifying into other areas, like takeaway for example.

And it’s not every restaurant that has a tree in its centre!

I hope this helps inspire a story this week.

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