Writing Prompt Story Starter: Beach Path

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This week’s story starter, unsurprisingly, is related to the weather!

How has it been with you lately?

Here on the east coast of Scotland, we’ve had very warm, airless days and nights — what my mum would call ‘close’.

Although not nearly as hot as it’s been in other areas of the UK, which have experienced soaring temperatures by day, and not felt much cooler at night. Which doesn’t make for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Following our warm spell, we had a night of thunder and some spectacular lightning, followed by torrential rain and, in some parts, flooding.

Although it was thundery where I live, it was definitely worse with Angela and Abbie, with Angela saying she’s never known a night so stormy.

As we move towards the middle of August, it’s definitely getting dark earlier. The nights are “fair drawin’ in”, as mum also says!

Two months ago, in mid-June, it could still be light around 10:30 in the evening. Last night, it was getting dark before nine.

But it is still most definitely summer in Scotland. You can tell, because when I got up this morning, it was raining!

What’s the story here?

So, this week’s story starter is the path to the beach.

This is the beautiful St Andrews West Sands, which we visit often, and which you may know from the opening scenes of the film, “Chariots Of Fire”.

What’s the story here?

Pathways. Leading . . . where?

The beach. On a lovely, summery day.

Staycations. Stay-at-home holidays. Buckets and spades. Sand between your toes.

St Andrews. A university town. With royal connections, both new — William and Kate met here — and old. Mary Queen of Scots visited with the Four Maries, and also in her will, she left her Greek and Latin books to “found a library” here.

Although many of Mary’s books were taken following her abdication, some did eventually find their way to St Andrews nearly fifty years later, when her son, James VI — later James I of England — donated them.

So maybe things getting done . . . eventually!

Links with the past, still seen today.

In 1563, Mary planted a hawthorn tree in the quadrangle at St Mary’s College, which is still standing and flourishing, if leaning somewhat.

After the recent hot spell, lots of us may relate to that feeling!

Could there be a serial here?

Over to you!

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