Writing Prompt Story Starter: Bicycles

story starter

It’s a “prompt” story starter, this week!

I try to go and visit my elder daughter in Glasgow as often as I can.

We went out for a meal last time I was there — a treat at any time, but more so at this time, when so much of our time is spent at home.

Walking from the flat to the restaurant, we spotted these bikes.

What’s the story here, would you say?

Upcycling. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?

One bike which has seen better days, one which has been brought back to life with a little TLC.

Flowers in the basket. Flowers can have that effect, can’t they, bringing colour into any situation?

A rusty frame with a wobbly wheel. And where has the chain gone?!

Childhood bikes — gifts from Mr Claus, perhaps?

The freedom of having your own bike. Or your own motorbike? Or scooting around town on a Vespa? Well, until it rains, perhaps, which it had just done when we took this photo . . .

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Lucy Crichton

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