Christmas Treats From Years Gone By

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I spotted this article on the BBC website this week, talking about some . . . pretty unusual Christmas foods released in recent years.

I’m not sure what I think about pine-flavoured crisps, but my opinion on a fizzy drink flavoured like turkey and gravy is clear. I’ll pass!

It got me thinking about the discussions we had in the “Friend” office when Cookery Ed Marion was putting together our festive cookbook, “150 Years Of Christmas Cookery”.

Some of those recipes were pretty unusual, too! (fish paté, anyone?)

Most of them look pretty tasty, though. And they’re also a great look back into the country’s culinary history.

We were keen to stage a cooking session on Facebook Live, demonstrating how to bring a recipe or two to life. But when it came time to broadcast, we couldn’t find a volunteer!

Since my cooking skills extend perhaps just up to “put water in pot noodle” and not much further, I sadly couldn’t take up the challenge . . .

But we’d love it if some of our readers wanted to have a go for themselves. So if you do, please share some pictures with us!


Photograph by DC Thomson Ltd.

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Iain McDonald

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