Writing Prompt Story Starter: Waiting

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A little patience is required for this week’s Story Starter.

Last Sunday was Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent.

Meaning “rejoice”, Gaudete represents the passing of the mid-point of Advent, when Christmas isn’t far off.

As far as the candles in the Advent wreath go, Gaudete Sunday is represented by the rose candle.

Incidentally, the candles in the Advent wreath represent hope (week one); peace (week two); joy (week three); and love. The white candle which is traditionally in the centre represents the arrival of Christmastide.

Traditionally, Gaudete Sunday was a pause from fasting, Advent in those days being a little like Lent. A period of calm, of reflection, of waiting.

Can this help inspire some stories this week?


For a vaccine. For normal life to resume. Or at least, for restrictions to be relaxed.

Waiting to see loved ones. Who’ve been shielding, perhaps?

Waiting for . . . a letter, parcel, or an email? A chance, or an opportunity?

Waiting for . . . exam results? Health check results? Spring? Holidays to start?

Waiting for . . . Christmas. All the preparation, and excitement. Children, hoping for a visit from the man in the red suit!

Waiting for . . . whom? A friend? A boyfriend? A baby?

Waiting patiently. Or not!

Waiting rooms. At the dentist, GP surgery, train station, bus station, airport.

Waiting tables. Ladies-in-waiting. Waiting for news.

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