Craft Preview: March 20, 2021 Issue

In this week’s Craft Preview, we take a look at the seasonal craft project you’ll find in our March 20 issue.

Get ready for Easter with our colourful ceramic eggs.

If you would like to create a lasting gift, these eggs are the perfect choice.

We show you in step-by-step format how to decorate them using Pebeo Studio Gouache Poster Paint. You can find the paint and the eggs, which come in packs of six, at

Craft Preview

Photograph courtesy of Hobbycraft.

In addition, you will need a paint brush, an old plate on which to mix colours and a water pot.

These eggs are also make the perfect project to do with a child. There are four simple floral designs to follow or you could create your own, maybe choose your own colour combination or even personalise with a name or initial.

Craft Preview

Photograph courtesy of Hobbycraft.

We have graded these as easy to do. They don’t take long, just allow time for the paint to dry in between steps.

Start now and you will have plenty of time to complete them by Easter. They make a perfect minding for family and friends.

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Mairi Hughes