Mallorcan Magic – Episode 19

The patio doors were thrown open to the warm evening air. Danny headed for the sideboard and picked up a corkscrew.

“Let’s take our glasses out to the patio. As you can see, it’s an informal supper so unless you’re ravenous…”

“No, I’m fine. It’s too lovely to stay indoors. I can smell the jasmine. Mallorca’s such a beautiful island.”

“That’s good to hear.” He led the way on to the terrace and pulled out an elegant wrought-iron chair for her.

She settled herself on the cushioned seat.

“I know you fly to London regularly but would you ever contemplate going back there to live?”

“No way.” He chinked his wine glass against hers. “Cheers. What about you? Has the island worked its magic or do you hanker for Harrods and the city bustle?” “I’m more a Harrow kind of girl than a

Harrods one. M and S or Next are the shops

I’m more accustomed to.” He shrugged.

“You’d look good in anything, but you know what I’m saying. Can you handle life out here for the foreseeable future?”


So he was looking for clues as to how she might inconvenience his plans? That was understandable, given the importance of his children’s welfare, but she had to stall him.

“It’s early days, isn’t it? But already I enjoy being with your children and I think they’re becoming used to me.”

“Sure they are. That was a great idea of yours, for them to make Sue a wedding congratulations card.” He still looked quizzically at her.

“I’m happy with my working conditions and I’d never leave you in the lurch. My current priority is to look after Lulu and Richard. The happier they are, the happier I am.”

His expression relaxed.

“Lulu will probably scold us for not calling her Louise once she starts school! But it’s good to know how you feel, though I wonder, would you consider a change to your duties?”

“How much of a change?” This was still early in her employment and already she’d begun on his paperwork. She realised Danny enjoyed provoking a reaction. This was the man who’d taken a fancy to her and, determined to get his own way, investigated her background to ensure he could trust her to care for his children.

Apart from him, only she and Raoul, plus


a select few close friends, were permitted to escort Louise and Richard anywhere.

“I need something more than child-caring duties from you.”

Eira felt dizzy. Whatever did he mean?

“My children will soon be holidaying with their mother in her villa in Cannes. I believe Sue will have told you that’s what happens during the summer months?”

“Yes. Sue said she’d travelled with them several times.”

“This year, Kasha has something different in mind. Apparently, her new boyfriend has children of his own, a little older than ours, as well as a nanny who’s happy to look after the four kids while the grown-ups go out to play.”

The tone of his voice sent a chill through Eira. Clearly, he didn’t approve of this setup. She was more apprehensive over her position. Would she become standby nanny? What if the other nanny didn’t share Sue’s easy-going temperament?

“It won’t surprise you to learn I’ve already had Kasha’s fella investigated, not to mention the nanny.” Eira nodded.

“I’m prepared to go along with the plan, provided of course, you don’t mind escorting Louise and Richard to Cannes. Their mother will meet the plane and we’ll get you booked into a hotel for a night. I’d like you to fly back here next day but you can at least enjoy a few hours exploring the promenade and people-watching.”

“That’s very considerate. My French is far superior to my Spanish! I assume you’re leading up to these plans you mentioned. You obviously won’t want to pay me to hang around like a spare part for a month.” He chuckled.

“Oh, I don’t know. That could be fun.”

Infuriating man! She resolved not to react to his saucy remark.

“OK, this is what I think. You had no problem over that life-saving course. You’ve got to grips with driving on the right. You cope with my unpredictable lifestyle. You handled that Raoul situation all right.”

She opened her mouth to protest but he shook his head.

“I don’t blame you for defending yourself. Now, please let me finish. What I’m saying is, you don’t get flummoxed. Would you be prepared to learn Spanish, and, once you had a better command of the language, to become my personal assistant?” Eira strived for composure.

“I’ve often wondered how you manage without a secretary.” He shrugged.

“You realise most of my brokering and business deals are conducted by telephone?” She nodded. “I could certainly do with some secretarial help once my next venture’s under way.”

“You mean your hotel purchase?”

“I’ve offered on the one I feel has most potential and my offer has been accepted.”

“Congratulations. The Miramar? I did think it looked intriguing.”

“That’s one way of putting it but, yes, I think it has character. I didn’t want to invest in something that looks like a white wedding cake. But there’s a huge amount to be done.” He checked his watch. “Let’s eat and I’ll explain how I think you could help me in the coming months.”

He waited for her to stand up before escorting her into the dining room.

Tracey Steel

Having worked on a number of magazines over the years, Tracey has found her perfect place on The Friend as she’s obsessed with reading and never goes anywhere without a book! She reads all the PF stories with a mug of tea close by and usually a bit of strong cheese too!