Mallorcan Magic – Episode 17

Her boss’s relaxed good humour was missing when Eira tapped on his study door around half past eight. She’d styled her hair and wore a sleeveless blue dress, ruched to the waistline, before tapering into a slim skirt. Silver sandals showed off her perfect blue-varnished toenails.

Danny looked up and frowned.

Eira feared he saw her overdressed for a quiet dinner at home.

“Come in.” He picked up one of the new files and waved it at her. “I’m confused, Eira. If this is your new system, I reckon I’d be better off with the old one!”

She swallowed hard and moved closer.

“I’ve labelled each different file and made sure all documents are in date order. What seems to be the matter?”

“Close the door and come and look at this. I haven’t checked them all – thought I’d wait to hear your explanation.”

She took the green folder from him and sank on to a nearby chair, quickly leafing through the paperwork.

This was a nightmare! Danny was right. The file contained a mixture of invoices received, copy invoices sent, plus letters relating to several subjects.

“This isn’t how I left it.” Bewildered, she looked up.

“Better check a couple more. You take the British property file and I’ll have the one you’ve labelled Hotel Purchase Options.”

She placed the first file on the floor and opened the one he handed her. A swift check showed everything placed in there earlier remained, but not in date order.

“This one’s also a muddle,” Danny said. “It’s almost as though someone’s dropped the files, scooped up the papers and stuck them back anyhow.”

“I can assure you I left everything tidy, Danny. I worked all day except when I stopped for lunch.” She paused, remembering Raoul’s behaviour. “It wasn’t a difficult task. In my last job I created my own filing system and never had problems.”

“I know that’s true, from my inquiries into your background. Yet, how did everything get in such disorder? It’s almost as though we’ve had an intruder.” He frowned.

“If anyone got in while you were having lunch, obviously you’d have noticed the chaos when you returned?”

“Yes, and Isabella’s been around all day. She brought me a cold drink at one point but we don’t chat long, as you know.”

“Your Spanish is as good as her English.”

“Yes, well, I hope my knowledge of her language will improve, in time.”

It dawned on her that she mightn’t still be living in Mallorca by this time tomorrow. Would Danny Carpenter boot her out and ring the next applicant on his list?

She forced herself to concentrate.

“Raoul spent time in the master suite, unpacking and putting away your things. He had lunch with me, then…” She stopped, replaying the scene where the chauffeur tried to force himself upon her. She had reject him forcefully. Was this spiteful action his idea of revenge?

“Then, what?” Danny’s face softened. “Please don’t keep me in the dark, Eira. I spoke out of turn – common-sense decrees you’d never create such chaos.”

“Thank you,” she said. “I’ll go through everything, of course, so it’s back in order. Maybe you should check your safe, see if anything’s missing?”

“I’ve already done that and fortunately all’s well.” He winked at her. “I use a little safeguard copied from Agent Double-O-Seven in one of his movies.” Eira still needed to stick up for herself.

“I feel this is a black mark against me, even though I’m not to blame. I should have locked your study door after I finished work, though of course you don’t keep the filing cabinet secured.”

“Looks as though that has to change.” He grimaced. “I’ll sort out some kind of lock tomorrow. My passport and other personal documents are, of course, kept in the safe.”

“So can you think of any reason someone would do such a thing, unless it was to upset you?”

His green eyes narrowed.

“I told you I had enemies, didn’t I? But this petty stuff is unlikely to be down to the one or two big boys who make me reluctant to walk Palma’s dark alleys at night.”

“Have you given anyone the sack recently?”

“Nope. I’ve had the same gardener since I bought the property. He’s my chauffeur’s grandfather, by the way, and Isabella’s the only cook housekeeper I’ve employed. The cleaning lady, you won’t be surprised to hear, is another member of Raoul’s extended family.”

“If someone knew their way round the villa, they could’ve sneaked in, but how did they have time to undo all my work?” She gasped. “Wait, I’d forgotten. I went for a swim around four o’clock. That must be when the intruder got in.”

“So, could it be someone wishing to discredit you? Is it you rather than me who’s upset somebody?”


Tracey Steel

Having worked on a number of magazines over the years, Tracey has found her perfect place on The Friend as she’s obsessed with reading and never goes anywhere without a book! She reads all the PF stories with a mug of tea close by and usually a bit of strong cheese too!