Mallorcan Magic – Episode 26

DANNY Carpenter hadn’t planned to break away from his friend’s day of fun and sunshine. Richard and Louise were already enjoying themselves too much for him to drag them away. But for their father to spend even one more hour in the company of an old flame, determined to rekindle a relationship he knew could never be, proved impossible.

“Desi,” he said, taking his host aside. “Please don’t be offended but I’ve done something very stupid.”

“May I help?” His old friend looked concerned.

“No, thanks, except I wonder if I might leave my two with you, as long as your lovely wife doesn’t mind keeping an eye on them?”

“No problem. For me and my family, you have done so much to help our business thrive. But I trust you are not in some kind of trouble, Danny.”

“Nothing that can’t be solved by a few hours in the office, filling in some forms I’d totally forgotten. They need to be delivered to the city tomorrow morning so I daren’t mess up.”

“You’re sure you’re not in love? It’s not like you to take your eye off the ball.”

“No-one’s perfect, old friend.”

“Say goodbye to the children and don’t worry about them. Marta or I will drop them off later. No problem, amigo.”

Danny made his apologies, kissed the hands of his hostess and his disgruntled old flame and hugged his children before setting off.

What was the matter with him? For a few hours, surely he could have played up to the glamorous woman who, like him, had arrived with no escort?

But now, alone in his car, he wished, how he wished, Eira was sitting beside him.

On arrival at the villa, he drove round to the rear. The vehicle shared by his housekeeper and his nanny wasn’t there. Disappointment seeped through him like a chill.

Danny headed for the pool house. This contained two changing rooms, one for males and one for females. It housed the water toys his kids loved to splash around with and Danny always kept his swimming togs there.

He used the back door leading from the yard, changed quickly and stepped through the front entrance, only to catch his breath. Isabella must have taken the car after Eira returned, in his opinion, strangely early.

She hadn’t noticed him. Were her eyes closed beneath her sunglasses, or was she daydreaming? His heart thumped that little bit harder, while he wondered whether, if he called out, he’d alarm her.

Danny stood, likening himself to some gauche teenager, unsure of his next move. He longed to keep looking at Eira, but what an idiot he’d seem if she suddenly noticed him.

He fixed his attention on the flowers, hot pink and icy white petals splurging over the rims of tubs, while he decided what to do.

That was when the pool house extension phone broke the silence. Danny, startled, turned round and disappeared inside, thankful to have his dilemma solved.

Eira heard the ringing, too. At once she got up from her chair, but took only two steps before the sound stopped. Someone must be in the house.

Isabella would still be visiting family.

Danny would surely not have returned so early. She needed to check, so she picked up her towel and headed to the poolhouse, shaking her wet hair back from her face.

When she entered, the first thing she saw was a dark head and a powerful pair of bare shoulders attached to a broad back.

Her boss.

Shocked, she clutched her towel to her chest and darted towards the female changing area.

Danny saw a scantily dressed figure flit across his side vision. He continued his conversation with his former wife, wishing Kasha would stop moaning about unacceptable working conditions, intrusive journalists and the latest in a long line of cleaning ladies enjoying the doubtful honour of working for the supermodel.

At last the call ended.

“Eira?” Danny called.


“I’m sorry if I startled you. I’m going to swim now. You’re back early. Everything all right?”

“Fine, thanks. Where are the children?”

“Being dropped off later. They’re in very safe hands.” “I’m sure.”

Danny jumped into the pool and swam. Arms cutting through the water, he powered up and down until exhaustion hit him.


Eira avoided Danny all afternoon until the prospect of tea and biscuits tempted her. She prepared a pot of the tea her boss liked, hesitated and headed for his study.

The door stood ajar. She tapped.

“Would you like a cuppa?”

His face broke into a smile, a heart-juddering one.

Eira swallowed hard.

When they were stitting with their tea, Eira took a deep breath.

“I’m going to say yes to your offer, Danny.

About changing my role, I mean.” “Really? Well, that’s good to hear, Eira. I’m looking after my own interests and, hopefully, yours too.”

She picked up a plate of almond goodies and offered it.

His hand touched hers and she wondered, not for the first time, about the wisdom of agreeing to work more closely with this man.

Alan Spink

Alan is a member of the “Friend” Fiction Team. He enjoys working closely with writers and being part of the creative process, which sees storytelling ideas come to fruition. A keen reader, he also writes fiction and enjoys watching football and movies in his spare time. His one tip to new writers is “write from your imagination”.