Mallorcan Magic – Episode 29

EIRA and Danny turned towards each other at exactly the same time. A deafening thunderclap made him wonder if the children would appear any moment.

Danny drew Eira close, so close he felt her heartbeat quicken and knew she too felt the attraction between them. How could he allow this to happen? How could he bear it not to?

“Tell me to go away,” he whispered.

She hesitated.

“You’re my employer. This isn’t right but I can’t tell you…”

Eira hoped she’d remember their first kiss for the rest of her life. Picture the flickering candlelight, hear the storm raging and feel Danny’s lips upon hers. She’d never imagined his kiss would be so gentle, so tender.

Their second kiss was not in the least gentle. And here she was, kissing him back and wishing things could be different. They were sharing a dangerous moment but Eira couldn’t bear to become another name on a list of conquests.

Danny embraced her as if there was no tomorrow. She raised her hands, smoothed her fingers over his thick dark hair and gently tugged the curls at the nape of his neck. He pulled her on to his lap.

“Don’t be afraid, Eira,” he whispered. “I just want to hold you close.”

So now she knew how it felt when the man of your dreams told you what you longed to hear. But he was giving her a choice. Encourage him or turn him down? She daren’t let one rash decision ruin her new life, daren’t throw away the chance to better herself. If she allowed anything more to happen, how would she cope when he rejected her?

Making this decision would be the hardest thing she ever did. But even though her heart felt as though someone was slowly squeezing it, she must walk away


Danny left early next morning to catch a flight to Heathrow. Eira, after a restless night, watched him cross the yard, sling his bag into the limo and take his place beside Raoul without giving an upward glance.

As Danny prophesied, the storm had banished the humid atmosphere. Eira showered and dressed in cotton trousers and T-shirt before she checked whether the children were stirring. Richard was still sleeping but she found Louise sitting up in bed, reading her favourite book, “Island Of The Blue Dolphins”.

“I woke up in the night and I could hear thunder.”

Eira’s heartbeat juddered. What if the child had crept downstairs?

“I switched my light on but nothing happened.”

“We had a power cut, honey,” Eira said. “We’re back to normal now.”

“I wanted to find you but while I thought about it, I must have gone back to sleep.”

Once on the landing, Eira took a deep breath. That had been a tough decision last night, but one she felt sure was right, even if it didn’t mean she was happy about it.


Danny sat, watching the departure routines. One air hostess was stowing a bag in the rack while the other checked seatbelts as she progressed down the aisle.

He’d been relieved to get away this morning before Eira came downstairs. Isabella had served him fresh melon, eggs and ham, with a pot of strong coffee. Seeing Eira would be fine after a break, he felt sure. But now, the morning after they’d reached a turning point in their relationship, he felt a mix of regret and admiration. That woman possessed an iron will. He knew she felt the same pull as he did. It would have been so easy to yield to temptation.

Their working relationship would never be the same. Eira would carry out her usual duties but learn more about his business, especially the proposed hotel deal.

His trip to London related to properties he owned there. Formalities in place, he would allocate Eira some liaison tasks while he did his share of looking after Lulu and Richard.

He hadn’t mentioned it to Eira or his children, but he had a lunch date with his ex-wife. Kasha was in London for a photo shoot and Danny suspected she was about to announce her engagement to her film director boyfriend. Doubtless, a costly wedding was planned. That was up to her and her personal bank account.

Louise would be thrilled to be a bridesmaid. Richard might or mightn’t agree to wear whatever pageboys wore nowadays. If Kasha invited her ex-husband, Danny would fabricate a convincing excuse for non-attendance.

The aircraft taxied to the end of the runway and revved its engines. The pilot coaxed the big bird forward. Airport buildings and aircraft parked outside hangars slid from view and, just as he wondered if the plane would ever lift off, they became airborne, climbing smoothly.

Danny gazed at the ocean sparkling in the sunshine. They’d departed on time. Ahead lay London and three days on his own, in the city he’d once called home.

The seatbelt sign went off. Danny reached for his briefcase and took out his property file. Tucked into a side pocket of the briefcase was his little black book containing telephone numbers of business associates and female friends. Why not stave off the loneliness plaguing him, while he got the chance? It would be so easy.

But now he knew he had all he wanted, back on the beautiful island of Mallorca. He hoped, oh, how he hoped that one day Eira would trust him with her heart.

Alan Spink

Alan is a member of the “Friend” Fiction Team. He enjoys working closely with writers and being part of the creative process, which sees storytelling ideas come to fruition. A keen reader, he also writes fiction and enjoys watching football and movies in his spare time. His one tip to new writers is “write from your imagination”.