Meet The Team: The Design Team

Team Behind The Team

This week in our “Meet The Team” series, we thought we’d introduce you to our talented Design Team.

Tell us about your roles within the “Friend” Team.

We’re a team of graphic designers, responsible for creating inviting and eye-catching layouts for the mag. That includes the weekly, as well as specials and pocket novels, adverts, annuals, and our little ‘Friendship’ and ‘Fireside’ books. We also undertake any other design-related work required, such as creating wall decals. This week, we’ve been asked to design a flag!

Any other tasks in a typical week?

We get involved in team meetings. We make up paper ‘dummy’ versions of all our publications for the editorial team to check before they go to press. We resize images for our website. We also work on bookazines, web graphics, and brand extensions, such as The Farmer And His Wife books. We’re involved in the use of our magazine publishing system. And Monday is our day for the mail – we all take a turn!

Any extra responsibilities?

We organise a bake sale and raffle for “The People’s Friend Strawberry Tea“, our annual fundraising event for Breast Cancer Scotland. We collect raffle prizes from generous local businesses, and create posters to promote the event, too.

This year we’re celebrating 150 years of The People’s Friend, and our team made the decorations for the big party that was held at our Meadowside building. This included bunting, covers for our canvases, and printouts of features from the 150th Special Collector’s Edition.

Design Editor Jaclyn has taken part in Facebook Live, when she showed viewers around our lovely refurbished Meadowside building! She’s also Chair of the Consumer Entertainment Improvement Group, which looks at ways to improve the IT systems across our magazines.

Have you always worked on the “Friend”?

No. Wendy has worked for the Beano, Shout, Twinkle, and Animals & You, joining the “Friend” in 2007. Moira’s been with DC Thomson for 35 years in total, joining the “Friend” team in 2014. Before that, she worked on a variety of publications, in a variety of roles – runner, balloonist, colourist, illustrator and layout artist. Nicole has been with the “Friend” for five years, working before that in our Art Department. Jaclyn was a Cancer Audit Manager and a PA before studying Graphic Design in her mid-20s.

Best things about being part of the team?

The team itself – we’re all on the same wavelength and care about our work. We share the same strong work ethic and we’ve developed a real bond over the years – we always try to help each other out. We’re friends, as well as colleagues.

Favourite bits of the “Friend”?

Nicole likes the travel features – in our Specials, these are often further afield so they’re great for holiday ideas. Moira likes the travel, too; to see places she’s never been to but might just visit! Jaclyn loves anything pet-related and enjoys picking up tips on caring for her wee doggy, Buttons – he’s featured in the mag before, too! Wendy likes the ‘This Week We’re Loving’ pages – informative, well-researched and interesting. And everyone loves the cookery!


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Lucy Crichton

Fiction Editor Lucy is always on the look-out for the very best short stories, poems and pocket novels. As well as sourcing enjoyable content, she enjoys working with our established contributors, encouraging new talent, and celebrating 155 years of 'Friend' fiction!