Mother’s Day

I have been really busy recently. I have a nagging sense of dread at the back of my mind that – with the year passing so quickly – I am going to do something unmentionable and miss an important date for one of my friends or family.
So I felt quite pleased with myself for checking when Mother’s Day is this year (March 31st, in case you are wondering!) so I could make a note and ensure I was prepared – after all my mum has been there for me for all of my 39 years and this is her day for me to take the time to tell her how amazing she is and how much I love her.
Of course, I do that on various other days during the year but this is one (along with her birthday, and Christmas and some other random just for the sake of it days to keep her on her toes that I ensure I let her know how I feel).
I know very well from other friends how lucky I am to not only have a fantastic relationship with my mum but also to still have her around.
I now obviously need to think of exactly what to do this year – over the last few years i have stopped buying something as there is not a lot that she needs, instead we do things together to ensure we get to spend time together and make new memories. That is generally centered around going to a spa as it gives us the chance to properly catch up, relax and get pampered!

A Holiday Together

Given all of the work that “The People’s Friend” does at Warner hotels I know how many people take their mum there for a holiday – both daughters and mothers love it and we love hearing about their trip away together. I would think of taking my Mum to our 150th birthday party at Alvaston Hall Hotel, however, given I am working we would not get to spend much time together – but there is an idea for you if you are struggling for a present (details below). I am now off to rack my brain on what to do this year – in fact, now that I think of it I am off to book a trip to Warner Leisure with my mum – just not on the weekend I will be working!
To find out more about “The People’s Friend” 150th birthday party at Warner’s Alvaston Hall hotel, just click here.

Kirsty Matthews

Kirsty heads up the marketing for all of the DCT Media magazines. Kirsty has the very exciting job of telling the right audiences about the magazine wherever they may be and on whichever channels they interact with. It is fair to say it keeps her busy, but not always out of trouble! Kirsty loves getting out in the fresh air, exploring Scotland as well as other parts of the world and speaks fluent Spanish.