Take A Look Inside “Friend” Special 174

special 174

14 new stories, 8 pages of puzzles and features from British flowers to Scotland’s Firths — Special 174 is packed and on shelves now!


Jessma Carter, Annie Harris and Tony Redcliffe are just some of the star writers with stories in this Special. We’ve also got two poignant stories in “Time To Say Goodbye” from Eirin Thompson and “Sandcastles And Strongholds” by Em Barnard, which takes place just after the Dunkirk evacuation.


Did you know that 90% of flowers in our supermarkets and florists come from overseas? Not just from Holland, but from as far away as Africa and South America. A network of florists — Flowers From The Farm — has come together to promote British blooms.

Gillian Harvey’s talking to a few of them about how they’re working to bring recognition to the many beautiful native species we have, and getting people to look beyond roses and carnations and see the brilliant flowers you can buy from Britain. It’s encouraging diversity in the flowers in our countryside and cutting down on air miles!

special 174


It’s the final part of Polly’s holiday on the French canals! Taking in history, wildlife and the occasional grumpy lock-keeper, it’s been an amazing journey.

Let Polly lead you on a bit of armchair tourism. You can almost feel the summer warmth coming from the pics!

special 174


Mexican cuisine is so much more than chilli con carne and fajitas. Marion’s got some tasty recipes in this Special, that also happen to be vegetarian.

Avocados, beans, lime and fresh herbs — they’re all full of fresh flavours and packed with nutrition.

And So Much More…

Willie Shand is out exploring the Scottish firths (estuaries), Susie Kearley’s sharing some great wildlife parks that are worth a summer’s day out, and our Yvonne is finding out about some archaeological treasures discovered while building a new road.

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